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Kreacja i realizacja:

Summary 2013

As the New Year has already come, we would like to make a short summary of our activity in 2013.

The main fields of our activity were:

  • Training programmes,
  • Postgraduate studies,
  • Foreign internships.

We supported academic workers and students representing R&D institutions, universities and government organisations, as well as entrepreneurs from all over Wielkopolska region.


Thanks for taking part in a conference


On 23th of October Department of Organization and Management, Faculty of Finance and Banking of the Poznan School of Banking and ProRegio Foundation hold the international conference entitled: Transfer of knowledge from science sector to industry – a chance for social and economic development of Poland.


"Formula for transfer" - summing up

We are pleased to inform that the internship project „Receipt for transfer” realized by ProRegio in cooperation with Poznan University of Medical Sciences in 2011-2013 has ended up with a huge success!



Summing up 2012

As the New Year 2013 has already came, we would like to make a short summary of our activity in the last twelve months.

Recently, science sector has been dynamically developing towards closer cooperation with business sector. Polish scientists start to elaborate on novel solutions accustomed to the reality and industry needs. Having observed such an approach, ProRegio focused in its activity mainly on aspects of technology transfer, IP protection and valuation by organizing workshops and foreign internships.


“The US model of technology transfer, i.e. Polish scientists discover America”

On 25th of October ProRegio Foundation in cooperation with Poznan University of Medical Sciences holds a conference called: The US model of technology transfer, i.e.Polish scientists discover America”, summing-up the project “Formula for a transfer…”

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